Arun Stephens

Making your own virtual machines for VMware Player

VMware Player is a free, cut down version of VMware Workstation which enables you to run virtual machines created with other VMware products. But you can’t create your own new VMs with it. At least, not within the interface. Here are a few links to help you create a new virtual machine for use with VMware Player. For example, if you want to try out the Windows 7 Beta: explains how to create a . Read more →

VMware Server 2.0 - using your own SSL certificate

The default installation of VMware Server 2.0 uses a self-signed certificate for the web-based management console, VMware Infrastructure Web Access. (Notice how they copied the Microsoft fashion of naming the web based tool, like Outlook Web Access and Project Web Access.) But you may want to use a different certificate. One that browsers in your organisation will actually recognise. I couldn’t find any information on the web, so went hunting in the config files. Read more →

Cloning VMware machines loses network connection

I have been setting up a whole swag of virtual machines to do my bidding. Ideally I would use ESXi but it doesn’t support my choice of server – my old laptop (Toshiba Tecra M5). So I am back to using VMware Server. Since I last used it, VMware Server 2.0 has been released. It features a web-based management interface, which is quite good, though it uses a self-signed certificate that causes browsers to complain. Read more →