Arun Stephens

What’s up with Journeyman?

I seem to be getting a few hits about Journeyman (the show that is under threat of cancellation!) so I thought I’d write a bit more. The people over at and the other Save Journeyman sites have decided upon sending Rice-A-Roni to the NBC offices. Originally it was going to be aspirin, because Dan gets headaches before he goes back in time, but they realised that charities wouldn’t be likely to accept a whole bunch of medicine. Read more →

Stuff that nobody else seems to have noticed about TV

Two things that I noticed and searched on the web for to see if anyone else noticed (and found nothing). Spoilers to follow for those who aren’t up to date with the U.S. airings. Prison Break S03E01 (season 3, episode 1) In the scene where Lincoln Burrows goes into a hotel to meet who he thought was Sara (after he is told by the maitre d’ about the dress code) there is some music playing in the background. Read more →

Teaching life skills via… The O.C.

That might sound like a strange title, but it’s what’s happening on France 2 in twenty minutes. They are showing Newport Beach (as it’s called in French) every day (starting from the first season) as part of thing called Mag 2.0. Each day they take a theme from The O.C. (today’s is “bad reputation”) and people can talk about it via webcam, on the forum, by a web form, and by text message. Read more →

Rugby World Cup 2007 broadcasters

I’ve been trying to find out what channel the Rugby World Cup would be broadcast on in the UK because that’s most likely where I’ll be when it’s on. It’s been very difficult finding that information, so I thought I would post what I know here in case someone else is looking for the same information. So, in no particular order, the broadcasters that I know of are: New Zealand: TV3 United Kingdom: ITV France: TF1 OK, so that’s not really a very complete list but it will do for now. Read more →