Arun Stephens

Check out my photos

I gave up waiting for Zooomr to come back online and have put some of my photos up on Flickr. I found out that using “sets” lets me organise the photos in the correct order. I spent a while geotagging my photos. That means putting the photos on a map, basically. Still not 100% sure that Flickr’s what I want (especially seeing that you can only create three sets if you don’t pay). Read more →

Where is Brian?

Gad Elmaleh, a French stand-up comic and movie star, did a show in Lyon that’s on DVD now, called L’autre, c’est moi. All the kids have seen it here. Well, most of them. In it, he recounts how at school one of the first sentences he learnt was “Where is Brian?” He and his classmates respond “Brian is in the kitchen.” Brian also has a sister. “Jenny is the sister of the Brian. Read more →