Arun Stephens

Below the Queen’s head

A while back I noticed that the initials IRB appeared below the portrait of the Queen on recently-minted coins. It turns out that those are the initials of of Ian Rank-Broadley, the man who drew the portrait. I found that courtesy of the Wikipedia article on the British one penny coin. So now you know the reason for those letters. I thought it might have had something to do with the series of the issue or something. Read more →

I am the world’s authority on Brazilian-European monetary relations

It seems so, anyway. I wrote an article in March about finding a coin from Brazil that was similar to a 5 cent euro coin. If you search for “brazilian money euro” on Google, I come out number 1. I’ve had three hits from that. I also got a hit from “entavos brasil”. But there’s no such thing as an entavos. It’s supposed to be centavos. But I couldn’t see the C on the coin. Read more →