Arun Stephens

Where are the home and end keys on a Chromebook?

I’m writing to you on my shiny new Samsung Series 5 Chromebook, which I was sent by Google after the Google I/O conference in San Francisco earlier this year. It doesn’t have a normal keyboad. Which is somewhat annoying, as it’s missing several keys. So, for your reference, here are the key combinations for some of the missing keys: I originally found this information over at (page no longer exists). Read more →

Why is the escape key labelled “esc” on the Mac keyboard but as a circle with an arrow pointing out of it in menus?

I have reluctantly bought a MacBook Pro so that I can develop iPhone applications as well as Android, and was searching for this mysterious key so that I could get Xcode to autocomplete for me. Turns out the circle with a diagonal arrow pointing out of it key is actually the escape key. Why make things so difficult, Steve? Read more →