Arun Stephens

Election results

I just wrote a whole lot and then Internet Explorer crashed because the Flash plugin crashed. That was annoying. I got a screenshot of most of it though. Perhaps Blogger should automatically save drafts like Gmail does. As predicted, Sarko and Ségo got through to the second round. I watched TF1 and it was pretty boring. They didn’t break down results by département or anything, though the breakdown is available today. Read more →

Election day in France

Today is the first round in the French presidential election. A candidate has to get a majority (i.e. > 50%) in order to win. If nobody gets over 50% today, then there is another election in two weeks with the top two candidates from today, who most people expect to be Nicolas Sarkozy and Ségolène Royal. I was wondering how often the first place getter in the first round doesn’t win in the second round. Read more →