Arun Stephens

Fruits of the iPhone posts

An avid reader of this blog (i.e. no one) will have noticed that lately there have been quite a few posts about iPhone development. Well, I am pleased to announce (on behalf of Zemobo) that Zemobo Rugby has now launched on the iTunes App Store. It ties in with Zemobo’s Rugby Picks app on Facebook. You can download it from It’s free! Read more →

Windows Live Writer

Have you heard of this? Well, I just found out about it. It’s quite cool. It’s a client for blogging, and you can even use it for Blogger blogs. It seems there’s some sort of standard that Blogger supports. So this is written using Windows Live Writer. I’m not sure if it’s better or worse or the same as using Word to write blog entries. I have also started the blog for Zemobo. Read more →


What is Zemobo? It’s something new and exciting that I’m working on, and I’ll be sharing more about it with you here. A bit cryptic, I know, but good things take time… Read more →