More on Zooomr

Bloody Microsoft Word! I had actually written this whole post out in Word. And then Word crashed. For no reason. I didn’t even get a chance to take a screenshot of the page so that I wouldn’t have lost everything. Oh well. I shall start from scratch. Last week I was quite keen to see the new version of Zooomr, the photo sharing site. It was down for a few days as they were deploying the new version. Read post »

Ad(non-)Sense, photos and other stuff

So I have had AdSense running on this site for a few days. Whenever I look at it, the ad is usually India-related. Which is quite strange because my Indian name is only mentioned on there once. The Zooomr guys rolled back to the version that was up last week (before I had heard of it). It just looks like a busier version of Flickr. I think I made the right decision. I got a Pro account at Flickr today. Read post »

I’ve given up waiting

So, I’ve given up waiting for Zooomr, and have put a whole swag of photos up on Flickr. Flickr’s also got this neat little Flash thing that you can see on the right hand side of the page. I guess that Flickr is just more mature than Zooomr. I have been reading the comments at the official Zooomr blog, and the backlash started last night. People were all “hey don’t worry, it’s free, take as long Read post »

Check out my photos

I gave up waiting for Zooomr to come back online and have put some of my photos up on Flickr. I found out that using “sets” lets me organise the photos in the correct order. I spent a while geotagging my photos. That means putting the photos on a map, basically. Still not 100% sure that Flickr’s what I want (especially seeing that you can only create three sets if you don’t pay). I found a tool that Read post »