Below the Queen's head

A while back I noticed that the initials IRB appeared below the portrait of the Queen on recently-minted coins. It turns out that those are the initials of of Ian Rank-Broadley, the man who drew the portrait. I found that courtesy of the Wikipedia article on the British one penny coin. So now you know the reason for those letters. I thought it might have had something to do with the series of the issue or something. But it was Read post »

I am the world's authority on Brazilian-European monetary relations

It seems so, anyway. I wrote an article in March about finding a coin from Brazil that was similar to a 5 cent euro coin. If you search for “brazilian money euro” on Google, I come out number 1. I’ve had three hits from that. I also got a hit from “entavos brasil”. But there’s no such thing as an entavos. It’s supposed to be centavos. But I couldn’t see the C on the coin. Presumably Read post »

Brazilian money’s similar to euro money

Hello. I found a 5 entavos coin from Brasil in my change today. As you can see, it’s very similar to a 5 euro cent coin. Almost the same size, and even the 5 looks like it’s in almost the same font. It’s got diagonal lines too. One cool thing is that it has the Southern Cross on it. That is all. P1010791, originally uploaded by arunstephens.The Brazilian coin’s on the left. Euro to the Read post »