My trip to Ronchamp

[![](]( "photo sharing")[Cathedral in Ronchamp](, originally uploaded by [Arun Stephens]( I have decided, every now and then, to choose a photo I have taken and write a little bit about it. Back in February, I went to visit one of my friends who lived in Belfort, France. We went on a Read post »

Election results

I just wrote a whole lot and then Internet Explorer crashed because the Flash plugin crashed. That was annoying. I got a screenshot of most of it though. Perhaps Blogger should automatically save drafts like Gmail does. As predicted, Sarko and Ségo got through to the second round. I watched TF1 and it was pretty boring. They didn’t break down results by département or anything, though the breakdown is available today. Every hour or so they had a new Read post »

Teaching life skills via… The O.C.

That might sound like a strange title, but it’s what’s happening on France 2 in twenty minutes. They are showing Newport Beach (as it’s called in French) every day (starting from the first season) as part of thing called Mag 2.0. Each day they take a theme from The O.C. (today’s is “bad reputation”) and people can talk about it via webcam, on the forum, by a web form, and by text message. And Read post »

Election day in France

Today is the first round in the French presidential election. A candidate has to get a majority (i.e. > 50%) in order to win. If nobody gets over 50% today, then there is another election in two weeks with the top two candidates from today, who most people expect to be Nicolas Sarkozy and Ségolène Royal. I was wondering how often the first place getter in the first round doesn’t win in the second round. It turns out Read post »

Brazilian money’s similar to euro money

Hello. I found a 5 entavos coin from Brasil in my change today. As you can see, it’s very similar to a 5 euro cent coin. Almost the same size, and even the 5 looks like it’s in almost the same font. It’s got diagonal lines too. One cool thing is that it has the Southern Cross on it. That is all. [![](]( Read post »