Nouvelle Star: My audition

So, a couple of weeks ago Nouvelle Star, the French version of Pop Idol, started on M6 with the auditions in Marseille, which I attended. Unfortunately I wasn’t good enough or bad enough to make it to TV but I am available online:

Casting Marseille - Candidat 7458 - nouvellestar
Casting Marseille – Candidat 7458 – nouvellestar

[Casting Marseille – Candidat 7458 – nouvellestar]( Casting Marseille – candidat 7458
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So vote for me and maybe I’ll get to the top of the home page. But probably not. And don’t be so mean as the person who wrote the first comment “*fallait apprendre la chansson un peu mieux que ca ![:)](http://localhost:8080/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_smile.gif) hihi*” (“*You should learn the song a bit better than that*“). Well, I say you should learn to spell “chanson” properly!

The song was Johnny Hallyday‘s 2006 hit “La loi du silence“. Well, it was supposed to be.

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