Arun Stephens

You can’t use Google Analytics on

I wish I knew this before I spent $12 on a custom domain for You can’t use Google Analytics on a site. I think the advantages of hosting the blog on their infrastructure outweigh the inconvenience of not having all metrics in one place (at least at this early stage), but it sure is an inconvenience. Hopefully the Stats feature is good enough. From what I’ve read on TechCrunch though (and this is what sparked that whole “RSS is dead” fight last week), the stats that WordPress. Read more →

IE compatability issues with WordPress

There are a few problems with WordPress when working with IE. They’re kind of annoying, so I will look at fixing them when I can be bothered. One I noticed today occurred when I wanted to create a link using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+K after selecting text: It looks like it fails at this point (starting at line 28 of link.js): // WordPress – next 3 lines document.forms[0].href.value = tinyMCE.getWindowArg(‘href’) || ‘http://'; document. Read more →

Perhaps WordPress MU needs too much customisation

After a bit more experimentation, it looks like I might need to hack around with WordPress MU a bit more than I originally thought. Which suggests that perhaps it’s not the best thing to use for the travel blog site. Stuff that’s very important is the ability for users to upload photos into their blogs inline easily (and not by uploading first and then adding the uploaded photo to the post) and a fixed list of categories, to be used to associate posts with places. Read more →

Customising WordPress MU

Last year, before my trip to France, I thought about starting a web site where anyone can set up a blog about their travels. Plenty of them exist already. None of them are any good! WordPress, which my blog now runs on, is pretty good and mature. They have a multi-user version, called WordPress MU, which would suit me nicely. It’s very extensible through a plugin architecture, so it should be relatively easy for me to add some decent geotagging. Read more →