Arun Stephens

Where is Brian?

Gad Elmaleh, a French stand-up comic and movie star, did a show in Lyon that’s on DVD now, called L’autre, c’est moi. All the kids have seen it here. Well, most of them. In it, he recounts how at school one of the first sentences he learnt was “Where is Brian?” He and his classmates respond “Brian is in the kitchen.” Brian also has a sister. “Jenny is the sister of the Brian. Read more →

Hello and Welcome

So, I am finally getting around to posting stories about my trip to the other side of the world and my time in France. I tried writing my own blog engine to go with my photos on my web site at but really, why reinvent the wheel? So here I am on the apparently new Blogger. Like I promised on the old blog (which had two posts – I am going to start writing backdated posts, starting from when I left home. Read more →