Arun Stephens

Ad(non-)Sense, photos and other stuff

So I have had AdSense running on this site for a few days. Whenever I look at it, the ad is usually India-related. Which is quite strange because my Indian name is only mentioned on there once. The Zooomr guys rolled back to the version that was up last week (before I had heard of it). It just looks like a busier version of Flickr. I think I made the right decision. Read more →

Nouvelle Star: My audition

So, a couple of weeks ago Nouvelle Star, the French version of Pop Idol, started on M6 with the auditions in Marseille, which I attended. Unfortunately I wasn’t good enough or bad enough to make it to TV but I am available online: Casting Marseille – Candidat 7458 – nouvellestarThe song was Johnny Hallyday‘s 2006 hit “La loi du silence“. Well, it was supposed to be. Read more →

Nouvelle Star 2

(I wrote this in my hotel room on Word. It hasn’t been published before 14/03/07.) Right, I’ve got all that I needed to get done. In only 40 minutes too, that’s pretty good. Actually I didn’t have much to do, just get that photo printed (they have kiosks everywhere that do that – it took a while to find though) and I found a photocopier. So 0,40€ later, I have everything done. Read more →

Nouvelle Star 1

(I wrote this in my hotel room on Word. It hasn’t been published before 14/03/07.) Hello. I have chosen something pretty big to open my blog with. I am sitting in a hotel room in Marseille. At the moment, hundreds of wannabe French popstars are downstairs. It’s 5:22pm by the way. Quite late in the day. Why am I here in Marseille? Because it’s the auditions for Nouvelle Star! And what is Nouvelle Star, I hear many of you ask? Read more →