Arun Stephens

Facebook asking you to rate Places

I just noticed this, not sure if it’s new or part of their A/B testing. They’ve got a box on the right hand side asking which of two places I have previously checked into was better. It looks like Facebook are trying to gather information about places so they can provide recommendations, much like foursquare’s Explore tab. Have any of you noticed this on Facebook? Answer in the comments or on Twitter @arunstephens. Read more →

Following Zuckerberg’s footsteps in London with Facebook Places

Right now, Facebook Places is only available in the United States. Well, that’s not entirely true. It’s only available to United States IP addresses. And they are not that difficult to come by. Facebook Places has been in development for around 8 months, but I’ve found evidence (for want of a better word) that it has been working, outside the US, at least since June, when several Facebookers were in London, for a hack day and a special edition of the Facebook Developer Garage. Read more →