Arun Stephens

What’s up with Journeyman?

I seem to be getting a few hits about Journeyman (the show that is under threat of cancellation!) so I thought I’d write a bit more. The people over at and the other Save Journeyman sites have decided upon sending Rice-A-Roni to the NBC offices. Originally it was going to be aspirin, because Dan gets headaches before he goes back in time, but they realised that charities wouldn’t be likely to accept a whole bunch of medicine. Read more →

Journeyman didn’t come last last night

According to the overnight ratings at Zap2it, Journeyman didn’t come in completely last place last night. CSI: Miami won the night, but Journeyman came in second for total number of viewers (but third for number of households, which is what they actually care about). So that’s some nice news. But not that encouraging. The people at the Save Journeyman page have a new campaign to send Rice-A-Roni (I have no idea what that is) to NBC. Read more →

Save Journeyman

Journeyman is a new show for NBC this year, airing Monday nights at 10:00, after Heroes. It’s about, Dan Vasser (Kevin McKidd, Rome), a reporter for the San Francisco Register, who seems to suffer from regular headaches. Now, that doesn’t sound like an interesting story, except unlike most headaches, Dan’s headaches are accompanied by time travel. It’s kind of like *Quantum Leap *for the 21st century, except Dan doesn’t take the place of someone from the past. Read more →