Arun Stephens

About Arun Stephens


I am Arun Stephens. This is a pretty inactive blog, but whenever I encounter weird development problems, if I’ve got time, I’ll write something up and stick it on here.

I'm currently a developer at EndGame, a boutique software company based in Wellington, New Zealand. My days are typically spent dealing with .NET, JavaScript, and the people that use them.

In 2008 I moved to London. I’m a co-founder of Pixeled Eggs, a small but dedicated team that put together awesome digital experiences. Web, mobile, whatever. Before I set up Pixeled Eggs, I was mostly a freelance .NET and frontend developer, working in many of London’s leading agencies. I also spent a year on a location-based startup which was just too far ahead of its time.

You can find me on LinkedIn and Twitter. I’m also quite proud of the fact that I am @arun on Instagram. No, random guy from India – I am not going to just give you my username. And person from Thailand who keeps forgetting your Instagram password – you’ve also forgotten your username.

There’s some other Arun Stephens who likes skateboarding. I am not him. But I made the mistake of showing his Instagram to a friend who then promptly liked one of his photos. I like to think of him as my nemesis.